Well the summer certainly flew by…and well I guess Fall and now we’re into winter…. Yikes, bad WigglyGirl for not posting. BUT I do have some fantastic updates though! Worth the wait, right?

Our first summer open at the new Wiggly Bridge Distillery Barn location went really well. We were busier than we could have hoped for! We started doing tours which include a cocktail to start, a view of production, and a tasting afterward. Tours have been a huge hit and people are just drinking up the craft cocktails we are crafting up at the bar. The weather this summer couldn’t have been more perfect and our York Beach location just rocked it.

interior shot of the wiggly bridge barn, showing seating around a fireplace and table in the middle holding numerous wiggly bridge spirits and boxes
interior photo of the wiggly bridge distillery empty

We started doing events at the barn as well. We celebrated National Rum Punch day in conjunction with being ranked 4th Best Craft Rum Distillery by #USAToday. We had all our social media fans voting for over a month! It was stiff competition and every day our rank changed. We held 4th for the last leg of the competition and my goal was to make top 5. Goal acquired. Boo ya. Thanks to all my family and facebook friends for putting up with my posts, memes, and threats to vote or else 🙂 That celebration was was well attended and we then went on to celebrate National Vodka Day! Another well attended event with some incredible cocktails and a few bites to eat!

multiple people standing around the wiggly bridge barn during an event
people sitting at a bar in the wiggly bridge barn and some people conversing and standing
multiple bottles of wiggly bridge spirits poured into mini tester cups on a table during a taste testing event held at the barn

We also expanded our distribution to include Massachusetts and New Jersey. NH has taken on our bourbon and vodka so you can find those at all Liquor Outlets in NH. I’ve also been overwhelmed with people interested in having our spirits shipped to different parts of the country. So if you’re not in our distribution area and want to get in on our liquid gold you can go here : http://wigglybridgedistillery.com/the-store/

September came at a blink of an eye and that was the start of our events season. We do tastings at events throughout New England and it seems like every week since then we’ve had 2-3 events. I love that time of year because you get to meet so many different people and businesses and of course I love showing off what we’ve worked so hard to build. Oh and the sprits tastings are the cherry on top. Believe it or not I’m not a huge fan of straight up spirits, but the more and more of these events I do, I learn to appreciate what a good spirit tastes like.

Let’s see…what else. Oh! Our Cypress fermenters arrived! You can see my husband David unloading the last one with our son Cooper. Now we’re really cookin! Fun fact: The Cypress tree has natural biocides in its fibers that help inhibit growth of certain bacteria.

We cannot forget about our Spooky Barn halloween party. The barn was decorated to the max and everyone who attended came in costume. So much fun and a definite for next year.

We are rounding out the year with a few events at the barn and we will have our second cocktail class by year end! (December 9th) We had our first cocktail class and we sold out within the first few days of posting it. We had a lot of fun. I’m more behind the scenes when it comes to the distillery, but I learned a thing or two about creating some cocktails. I now make my own at home! We have a few seats left for the December 9th class. If you’re looking for a hands on experience then this is your jam. Sign up here: http://wigglybridgedistillery.com/events/cocktail-class-series/

There’s a lot more that happened in the past few months, but I’ve done enough talking. You can check out our facebook and instagram pages for the brief overview in pictures!



Things are starting to quiet down a bit and I am making it a point to post more often! I’m loving what I do. I’m learning everyday. It’s certainly not easy but I do wake up looking forward to making what I do better. I’m surrounded by unique-ness, action, fun, and love to talk about it. Talk soon! Cheers!

a man and his son driving a fork lift and moving a barrel from the back of a truck
a bottle of rum on a table with a yellow cocktail with a lime garnish and an egg