Don’t worry, the title doesn’t mean what it implies! That would be something though.

Coming off of the holidays we are still keeping busy at the distillery. Naturally, we ran a hot toddy special for National Hot Toddy Day and made a video on how to make two types of hot toddys. A traditional bourbon one as well as a delightful gin toddy. I guess I’m an out of the box kind of girl because the gin one blew me away and I enjoyed it more than the bourbon. You can check out the video below!

Believe it or not I have to pump myself up for these videos. Usually I try and do a live facebook video and I pace back and forth reciting what I need to say! It’s quite a site really! 😀 Thank goodness I didn’t do a live video this time around because I probably did 6 different takes on just my part! Mandy had the hard part and was great! She would have done just fine if it were live!

A few days after National Hot Toddy day we had our January Cocktail Class! We had a solid showing considering January is a high new years resolution month! February’s class, I’m happy to report, is SOLD OUT. YES! I just set the March Cocktail Class date of March 11th and you can sign up here:

The cocktail class is great for someone like me. I don’t have a bartending background, but I love to make craft cocktails at home using our spirits. Once you get into it, it is SO much fun. I find myself experimenting more and more with my homemade concoctions.

Ashleigh is a fantastic teacher and the class is hands on. Here is one of my favorite pictures of her during an actual class.

Two women working behind a bar counter, serving drinks and attending to customers.
a glass, a bottle and a name tag that reads "Judy" along with a personalized pamphlet for a cocktail class

Now you’re probably wondering where the kid part falls into place here. *Insert kid part*

I’m a mother of 2 awesome kids, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before. Every once and a while they get sick and what I planned to do for the week all goes to hell because mommy mode takes priority. I usually get pretty bummed out at first because I’m insanely ambitious and a planner and it takes me a moment to refocus. Then I realize I’m pretty lucky to be able to still do my job and make sure I can be home when my kids need me the most. #winning

Here is poor Isabelle who had an almost 3 week bout of some awful runny nose ear infection mess. If you look closely you can even see a tear 🙁

In the time where my plans don’t go as I had hoped, which they haven’t the whole month of January, I have wonderful people who I work with that pick up where I leave off and get things done. Not to mention my husband, David, who will give me a few hours here and there to catch up. Then there is nap time and night time where I can make up the difference! It makes for a crazy life, but I prefer to be busy!

And some times I cause my own problems where I had two healthy kids ready for school today and I thought there was a two hour delay. I thought to myself, well at least school didn’t get cancelled. So we had a dance party only to bring the kids to school and they told me they were late….damn it. The dance party was fun at least.

a child holding a toy and a bottle
a woman pictured dancing
an image of a woman taking a photo outside in the snow of a shovel with a spirit bottle next to a glass

Dropped the kids off and went to the distillery to come up with a vodka hot chocolate recipe and snapped pics and posted!

You can see the recipe here:

Shovelers Serum

Hubs came up with the clever name 🙂

Well that’s enough for now as it nears the time to grab my munchkins from school. I’ll be updating with more in the coming weeks!