I’m feeling talkative today so let me illustrate for you one of the cooler parts of the past few weeks…

I was starting the bed time routine with my kids and got a notification on my phone that an email was in my inbox. I quickly glanced and saw that it was from a tasting competition. I get a lot of emails like this wanting us to submit to tasting competitions and I thought they were just sending a blanket email, so I went about reading books and tucking in…and re-tucking in and extra hugs and kisses, and a cry from dying of thirst (my kids try everything to get out of bedtime).

Finally the kids were out cold and I proceeded with MY night time routine of munching on the binge worthy snacks that I don’t want my kids sniping from me.

I put on my pj’s and plop on the couch and put my feet up. I do my normal social media duties of checking out facebook, popping on instagram, check out my snaps, and play around with some Wiggly photos taken earlier in the day. I’m about half a bag in on my cheese balls when I decide to get some emails out of the way. This particular one says…

“Dear Amanda,

The Fifty Best recently hosted an Aged Rum Tasting.

I am very happy to inform you that Wiggly Bridge Small Barrel Gold Rum was awarded a Gold medal.”

I stand up with cheese ball crumbs and pieces of a previously devoured chocolate bar falling everywhere and say to my husband David WE GOT GOLD! He says NO SHIT and I say NO SHIT and I immediately dive into the details of the results.

You see that’s the important part.

The details.

Who were we in comparison to? If we were up against a generic rum, it wouldn’t be something to hugely celebrate. What’s amazing about this is that we were rubbing shoulders (the bottle was) with 5 and 10 year rums made in the Caribbean and still took home gold!

I realize this is huge and I go to call my father-in-law. By this point it is 10pm. I go to call him about 3 times each time hesitating that I’m probably going to wake him, so I just forward him the email saying NO SHIT.

It takes about 10 minutes and I get an email back.. YES! he’s awake…and his response was probably the best email I will ever get from him and probably in general.

You see, Dave is very business minded. He’s really good at separating business from emotion and that’s what makes him good at what he does. What I personally find incredibly awesome about things he will respond with an “oh cool.” Then he’ll go about his way managing all he does and making more award winning hooch. I usually bring enough excitement for the both of us, so it works.

This email response though, was so unlike him, but SO SO real I will probably keep it forever. It’s all I could have ever hoped in a response to something like this.

I’ve cut and pasted his response and then deleted it probably 10 times to show here, but not sure he’d be thrilled. SO I’ll leave it up to your imagination to piece together what he wrote back. Let’s just say there were a lot of HOLY SHITS and OH MY GODS. If you’re really interested, let me know and I can read it to you (Don’t be mad Dave).

Some equally as exciting news is that we filled our first barrel of our New England Single Malt Whisky. It won’t be ready for a while, but boy will it be delicious. I get to be a part of making history with Wiggly Bridge Distillery and it’s awesome.

a gold graphic awarding the best aged rum with a gold medal 2017
close up image of a malt barrel

We were all over the place with events again from the Vineyard to North Conway, NH with our friends from Dole & Bailey. Here are a few snaps with Wiggly in the the Wild.

If you decide to participate in #WigglyintheWild I highly suggest you check out your surroundings as Brian and Kevin almost became a bear’s lunch that was hiding in a den. I’m sure they’d be happy to tell you about their 3 foot long “fishing” story. Haha (sorry guys I had to)

Ashleigh and I participated in some Thirst (Boston’s Cocktail Festival) seminars which were a lot of fun. We started out with a class on low proof cordials, liquors, and aperitifs. Learning about their properties and what makes them good for cocktails. This was up Ashleigh’s alley as she is our lead mixologist! We don’t use these types of “mixers” at the cocktail bar yet, but you never know what the future holds!

The next class was completely up my alley as it was all about creating a beautiful cocktail using garnishes. We had to sign a waver because we were using knives and we went to town and got to enjoy a drink as well!

Below is a cute sandal made out of lemon and lime peels!

I tried to do a bridge and it failed horribly, but I had fun trying!

Definitely not a task to add to our summer drinks, but we learned some fun things to do in the slower months. Basically the take away was that you can really impress people with your presentation and when you take time to create a masterpiece, they’ll never forget it.

Last class was called Bar Science and as technical as it sounds, it was very informative and interesting! We had a blind taste test on daiquiris and we had to say which was our favorite. One of them had day old lime juice (I didn’t pick that one!) and it’s amazing how you can taste differences and stressing the importance of freshly squeezed juices.

Other than that, I’ve been sharpening my skills behind the bar and just doing what I do.


~Amanda Woods

Wiggly Event
a garnish made out of lemon and limes turned into a mini flip flop
4 cups in a row with the word thirst, next to a paper that reads "bar science'