I’ve had to seclude myself in a dark corner with no windows or lights to finish this blog post. Only an outlet and a small table to put my computer on. And a run down old wooden chair.

Well ok, the room has windows, and it’s not exactly a dark corner, and it’s a very comfortable chair… I say that only because I’ve been spending almost every day working right out of the distillery and the life and fascination that happens in that old charismatic barn distracts me from my to-do list! I’ve had to force myself not to step foot in the distillery today and to buckle down and focus! It worked because here’s another update from the eyes of WigglyGirlAmanda. I tried to keep it short and concise, but in reality there is just too much awesome-ness to not talk about.

Easter has come and gone and we lucked out on some incredible weather. We sent the kids outside and the adults were able to chat and catch up. It really was delightful. Dave and I each had a Wiggly Bourbon on the rocks (or two…maybe three for me) and I was again blown away at how delicious it was. David and I were talking about how 95% of the time when we are in the comfort of our own home we drink our product. The other 5% we are trying other stuff to compare! We like it that much to work with it all day and to come home and unwind with even more Wiggly. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve grown this appreciation for what I call naked spirits (not mixed in a cocktail) and how I can now pick out notes and get a feel for the profile of the drink. I guess I don’t have a choice when I’m submersed in it every day. It has become a passion of mine.

a group of people sitting at the Wiggly Bridge Distillery bar
a photo of two woman smiling and posing for a photo at a yelp event
an image of the Elite Yelp, a group of people smiling and posing

On Monday it was back to work as we prepared for a busy Wiggly week ahead! We launched our new Spring Cocktail Menu this past weekend and the turn out was double what I had anticipated. It was nothing short of awesome. We did a live demo of each new cocktails almost every 20-30 minutes and gave samples out to those who celebrated with us.

That same night we had a group of what Yelp refers to as the “creme de la creme” of Elite Yelp users to participate in one of our cocktail classes. You get to learn the basics of making a drink and the essentials of whipping up a balanced craft cocktail. Wiggly spirits of course help out the balanced portion with nothing but fresh ingredients.

We’ve been doing these cocktail classes since September of 2016 and have sold out for each one. After each class since September, we’ve reviewed what we can do better talked extensively on what needs to be added and what needs to be cut. It has been a learning process working with Ashleigh on morphing a program that people have thoroughly enjoyed. I feel like it was a baby that has grown into an adult to be proud of!

On this particular class the attendants learned how to make a Wiggly old fashioned. You can check out some of the ingredients before I went to town muddling my stressors out.

Note: This recipe only calls for one luxardo cherry, but I put two because they are so damn delicious. If you haven’t tried one of these cherries, you’re missing out. I’m not even a cherry girl!

The Yelp Elites had a blast and said it was one of their favorite events – a comment that makes my heart swell. We have a fantastic Wiggly team that put their heart and soul into their job and when customers appreciate that, I feel like we have done what we’re supposed to.

a boy in a yellow shirt smiling in front of an award
a photo of a man and his grandson sitting on barrels, conversing

As if all of this wasn’t enough, we received some surprising mail from across the pond. Check this out…

If you’re eyes can’t move past my stunningly handsome and cute 4 year old (understandable) let me tell you what it says. Wiggly Bridge received, from World Whiskies Awards, Best Design Effectiveness for our Small Barrel Bourbon Bottle. From what I read about the process of being chosen for this, it is something to be proud of. Shout out to Patience from pfw design who works with us on all our packaging design.

Cooper is in the picture because he was helping me “work” that day. Incredibly, it was his composition idea for the picture. You know what they say, start ‘em young.

Since we’re on the topic of family I just have to throw in this picture of Cooper and Pa. Every time we stop in the distillery Cooper asks if I think Pa will need some help. I tell him to ask Pa himself. Pa (Dave) usually is able to find something for Cooper to do and to see my son’s eyes light up when Pa says “yes, I have something you can help me with” it’s reinforces why I’m so proud to be part of this. What kid gets to do that?! Pa didn’t really have anything for Coop to do this week, but Cooper was so thrilled to even just sit and talk with him.

As usual I have about 10 more things to share about the past few weeks, but I need to check more boxes off before the day is done!

For now, I’ll leave you with this to mark your calendars with. You won’t want to miss it. Steve Corman from Vena’s Fizz House will be guest bartending at the distillery on May 9th. Industry peeps get 25% cocktails.


~Amanda Woods