Our Process


Wiggly Bridge Distillery was founded on the belief that being small is an advantage, and we’ve harnessed this by reviving forgotten styles and techniques in the construction of our still. Every dent, every angle, every nuance of our artisanal approach contributes uniquely to the captivating and rich flavors that define our spirits. It’s an unwavering commitment to the craft, a passion for tradition, and an exploration of the extraordinary that drive our pursuit of excellence in every bottle we create.

Our Process

Small-Batch Distillation

Small Batch distilling is a meticulous process that demands an abundance of time, dedication, and unwavering attention. At Wiggly Bridge Distillery, we firmly believe that this extra effort is absolutely justified by the exceptional quality of our end products. Our commitment is purposeful and we persist until our spirit meets our own high standards.

Our spirits take shape through the art of small-batch distillation, utilizing our sour mash recipe and our very own handmade copper pot still. This isn’t just any copper still; it’s meticulously crafted by hand, every inch rolled, riveted, and assembled with care by us! We consider it a true labor of love, for it’s in these painstaking details that the secrets to superior taste and the authenticity of handcrafted spirits are unlocked.

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