Our Story

It all started during a family dinner with a joking statement of “lets make our own whisky.”

Our Story

The Makers

A Father & Son

With a shared love of good whisky and a fascination with how things are made, this father and son team decided to explore the idea further. David and David Woods researched and studied (and some might say say obsessed) over how to build a still and process alcohol.

The two were fortunate enough to travel to the Caribbean where they decided to build and operate a small hand made copper still on the island of Montserrat, putting their research to the test. Turns out they were quite good at distilling and grew even more intrigued by the craft of small batch distilling. What they made rivaled some of their favorite brands, with a bit of a twist.

Now, after successfully building their own distillery in York, ME and winning awards for their exceptional products, the Woods family understands that they have created something very special.

Our Story


The Woods family is an old-fashioned, hardworking bunch that runs numerous businesses in York, Maine. Their passion for hard work is unprecedented. Wiggly Bridge Distillery, like the other Woods family businesses, is family-owned and operated and committed to providing quality products and customer service.

Father, David Woods has always been self-employed and is the true embodiment of an entrepreneurial spirit. With several handfuls of business ventures under his belt, David half-jokingly attributes his enthusiasm for launching so many projects to a slight case of ADD. He is always thinking of ways to develop and improve his businesses. With Wiggly Bridge Distillery, his passion for excellence means that he tries and tests many recipes and is always striving to make each batch better than the last. When he’s not distilling or stopping in at the other family businesses, David enjoys spending time with his kids and six grandchildren.

Young David Woods (little David) has been part of the family business since a young age and it is where his heart belongs. He truly is a jack of all trades and his current adventure is building Wiggly Bridge Distillery’s copper still. David is a self-taught welder who learned how to make copper stills by watching Youtube videos. With a knack for knowing how things work and extremely reliable tastebuds, David is an expert at picking up certain subtleties in his spirits. When he’s not working at the other family businesses or blending barrels for the next batch, he enjoys being home with his son and daughter.

an exterior shot of the wiggly bridge distillery barn
Our Story

The Wiggly Bridge

We don’t want to bore you with historic details so we will keep it short, but the Wiggly Bridge really is a one of a kind structure that is simple yet intriguing. The original Wiggly Bridge was built in the 1930’s and is the smallest pedestrian suspension bridge in America. Legend has it that in the 1940s the bridge got its name from a girl scout troop who said it “wiggles” as they walk over it. Simple enough.

At first glance, the Wiggly Bridge may seem insignificant due to its size and because it blends naturally in with the surrounding landscape. A closer look will reveal a beautifully built, unique structure right in the middle of scenery that is to die for.

The bridge is a classic example of why bigger is not better, which brings us to the Wiggly Bridge Distillery.

The bridge is a classic example of why bigger is not better, which brings us to the Wiggly Bridge Distillery. We are a small batch distillery and like the bridge itself may seem insignificant due to our size. Our distillery represents the beauty that can be achieved when an old world tradition is melded with modern day innovation on a smaller scale. Wiggly Bridge small batch spirits boast flavors and purity behond your imagination. It may just put a wiggle in your walk.

Went there Thursday for a tour. Our tour guide was Sierra. She made us feel very welcome and she had a lot of knowledge. We stayed after the tour for a few cocktails. Sierra, joined by Atticus and Jonah were our bartenders. They made us feel like one of the gang! So friendly and the cocktails were amazing. Would 100% recommend and will return to see my friends again!


Photo by:Jim Stansell