2 oz of delicious bourbon (Wiggly Bridge Small Barrel Bourbon)

1/2 oz of lemon juice

1/2 oz of lime juice

3/4 oz of simple syrup


Orange wheel for garnish


Combine bourbon, lemon and lime juice, and simple syrup.

Stir or shake ingredients.

Pour into a chilled glass.

Top off with roughly 2 oz of bubbly.

Slice up an orange wheel and float it on top.


Just like that, a new year has gone by. Hard to believe we are about to start 2017. A lot of great things have happened here at Wiggly Bridge Distillery in the past year and we decided to celebrate with a tasty Wiggly Bourbon champagne cocktail. It’s sure to liven up your New Year’s party, or any party for that matter.

This cocktail is very simple and like all good cocktails, the freshest ingredients.

Cheers and Happy New Year!