1.5oz Wiggly Bridge White Rum

1oz Hibiscus Simple Syrup

.5oz Coco-Lopez

1oz Orange Juice

.25oz Lime Juice

Splash of soda

Orange peel, as garnish


Chill coupe glass.

Mix all ingredients except soda in small tumbler.

Add ice to big tumbler, combine and shake well 15-30 seconds.

Double strain into coupe glass, top with splash of soda water and garnish with orange peel.


We are launching our summer cocktail menu in the next couple of days. Although that finicky New England weather isn’t making us feel like summer is right around the corner, we are going roll with it and hope the weather follows.

One of our favorite cocktails for summer time includes our hand crafted, award winning rum.

Our rums are made from Caribbean black strap and fancy molasses. Our white rum which is the main spirit in this cocktail is a very pungent traditional Caribbean style rum. It’s very dry unlike many commercial white rums that tend to be sticky-sweet. Our white rum stands up great in cocktails that are usually too sweet with commercial rums.