2oz Wiggly Bridge Gin

.5oz Simple Syrup

.5oz Lemon juice

Splash Soda Water

7-10 basil leaves

3 rounds of cucumber

Lemon peel, as garnish


Add cucumber, 7-8 basil leaves, lemon juice, simple syrup to tumbler and muddle well.

Add ice and gin to shaker.

Shake well for 15-20 seconds and double strain into a martini glass.

Top with a splash of soda water.

Garnish with lemon peel, cucumber and basil.


We’ve had quite the summer at the distillery with warm weather and beaming sunshine. You can’t beat the Maine coast! It makes sense that our Garden Goddess Cocktail was flourishing and continues to be a tasting room favorite!

It is made with our delightful gin. Enjoy! Use #whereswiggly with a picture of your cocktail for a chance to win some Wiggly swag!